Top 5 AI Cryptos to Keep An Eye On

The rise of AI cryptos is predicted to revolutionise the world in the coming decade. These digital currencies have the potential to change the way we operate and interact with technology, leading to the development of new forms of social and financial networks. As AI becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we are seeing an increasing number of people utilising the technology to assist with work and other activities.

In this article, we highlight five AI cryptos that have the most potential for gains in the first week of March.


SingularityNET (AGIX) is a decentralised AI services platform that allows developers to create, distribute, and monetize AI algorithms. The AGIX token is used as a medium of exchange and has seen a positive trend since the start of 2023, with a 32.3% increase in the last week. (FET) is a blockchain-based AI platform that enables autonomous machine-to-machine transactions and communication. The FET token is used for governance and payment of AI services. FET’s price has seen a significant rise, with a 433% increase since the start of the year, trading at $0.4803, up 10.4% last week.


Numerai (NMR) is a decentralised hedge fund that uses AI to execute trades based on the predictions of data scientists worldwide. The NMR token is used to incentivize and govern data scientists. NMR has seen an increase of 5.4% last week, trading at $21.54, with a forecasted price increase of 211% by the end of 2025.


Cortex (CTXC) is a decentralised platform for AI that allows developers to construct and deploy AI applications on the blockchain. The CTXC token is used for payments and as a medium of exchange. CTXC has seen a 4.3% increase in the last seven days, trading at $0.2793.


Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is a decentralised platform for data exchange that facilitates the sharing and monetization of data without compromising privacy. The OCEAN token is used for trade and platform governance. OCEAN has seen an increase of over 6% in 24 hours, trading at $0.4172, with bullish technicals indicating favourable positions for traders.

Why Should You Monitor AI Cryptos?

People should keep an eye on AI cryptos because they have the potential to revolutionise the way we use and interact with technology. As artificial intelligence continues to gain more mainstream adoption, AI cryptos have the potential to unlock new possibilities for machine-to-machine transactions, autonomous decision-making, and data exchange.

In addition, AI cryptos can also incentivize the development of new AI algorithms and applications, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that rewards innovation and progress.

By keeping an eye on the top AI cryptos and their market trends, individuals can stay informed about the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field and potentially benefit from its growth and potential gains.

These five AI cryptos have shown promising potential in the first week of March, and their continued growth and development could lead to significant changes in the future of AI and finance.

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