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Bitcoin Sees Renewed Rally

Bitcoin Sees Renewed Rally Amidst Binance’s Legal Troubles Bitcoin has recently been in the news for rallying yet again, with the cryptocurrency climbing back up toward the $30,000 mark. This comes as risk appetite increases across global markets, and concern about the fallout from Binance’s recent legal troubles begins to wane. The largest cryptocurrency by...
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Bitcoin Corrects But Potential For Rally Persists

BTC Corrects After Failing to Break Resistance But Uptrend Remains Bitcoin has been experiencing a volatile price movement in recent times, with its value fluctuating significantly over the past few months. In this analysis, we will examine the recent price movement of bitcoin and attempt to predict future trends.   Price Movement and Analysis The...
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Bitcoin Back on Top – Reaches $23,000

Bitcoin has seen a lot of volatile activity over the last six months. The value of the currency has fluctuated massively, but it seems to be settling down and returning to a normal point. Of course, for Bitcoin, the normal is somewhere in the region of $23,000. Obviously, it’s nice to see that the currency...
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