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Bitcoin’s Path to $1 Million: A Dream or a Reality?

Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a roller coaster ride of price swings and market fluctuations, reaching new highs and lows in the past few months. The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and changing, driven by various factors such as adoption, investment, regulation, and innovation. One of the most intriguing and controversial questions that many crypto...
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How Would a Decentralised Currency Work?

So when we talk about Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or any other currency, we talk a lot about the idea of a decentralised currency. It’s a cool idea and would be a major step forward economically, socially and otherwise, but what would it look like logistically? Of course, we can only speculate. We’re a long time...
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El Salvador President Bitcoin

El Salvador To Buy Bitcoin Every Day

For a long time now, El Salvador have made the news in the crypto world for their commitment to incorporating Bitcoin into the legal tender of the country, and to that effect were buying up the tokens until a financial setback caused them to stop.  However, renewed focus on the project has led the government...
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Crypto Scams on the Rise

The cultural impact of cryptocurrency is something which is currently being discovered every day, and recent reports suggest that with every good thing comes a bad thing. The number of cryptocurrency related scams in the UK is on the rise, and the financial conduct authority has opened up hundreds of cases in an attempt to...
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Kim Kardashian fined By SEC For Promoting Crypto On Instagram

Kim Kardashian Fined $1M By SEC For Touting Crypto On Instagram

Kim Kardashian has paid US regulators more than $1m to settle charges for failing to disclose that she was paid to promote a crypto asset in a post on her Instagram page. The reality TV star, social media influencer and entrepreneur, who is estimated to be worth $1.8bn (£1.6bn), has agreed to pay the Securities and Exchange...
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Bitcoin Bible META NFTs

Meta Allows Posting of Crypto Art (NFTs) On Instagram & Facebook

Thanks to Meta, users may now share their Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. The Flow and Solana blockchains’ digital collectibles, or NFTs, will also soon be able to be posted by users, according to an update from Mark Zuckerberg’s firm that was made public last week. Users of the IT behemoth may...
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Bitcoin Mining in Georgia

CleanSpark Acquires $33 Million Mining Facility in Georgia

A recent purchase by the crypto mining firm CleanSpark has seen a facility in Sandersville, Georgia be purchased for $33 million. The facility in question, formerly owned by Masson, is part of a deal that is expected to increase the hashrate of CleanSpark by some 1.4 exahashes per second (EH/s) in the coming months, driving...
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El Salvador Flag with Bitcoin

El Salvador Delays Bitcoin Bonds Until 2022 End

Almost one year ago, the country of El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal currency which could be used in everyday transactions in public settings. In doing so, El Salvador became the first country in the world to make cryptocurrency a legal tender. As part of this plan, they’ve been stockpiling Bitcoins for the last year....
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Man praying to Jesus and Bitcoin

Crypto Summary – September Looking Hopeful?

The crypto market has been in a state of volatility for quite some time now. On the 26th of August, Jerome Powell of the US Federal Reserve gave a speech at the Jackson Hole event, and it hit crypto hard. The total market cap on cryptocurrencies dropped below the $1 trillion mark for the first...
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Bitcoin behind statue of Jesus

Bitcoin “Black Swan” Event Likely – What to Expect

The recent Mt Gox hack was responsible for some $3bn worth of Bitcoin being taken, and it seems that next week, it will be returned to users.  Mt Gox was once a key player in Bitcoin and was responsible for some 80% of all worldwide transactions, until the exchange was hacked in 2014. 850,000 bitcoins...
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