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Bitcoin price rally

Bitcoin Sees Renewed Rally

Bitcoin Sees Renewed Rally Amidst Binance’s Legal Troubles Bitcoin has recently been in the news for rallying yet again, with the cryptocurrency climbing back up toward the $30,000 mark. This comes as risk appetite increases across global markets, and concern about the fallout from Binance’s recent legal troubles begins to wane. The largest cryptocurrency by...
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ASI Token Attracts Smart Investors as Bitcoin Rises

New ASI Token Attracts Smart Investors as Bitcoin Price Signals Crypto Market Recovery As the cryptocurrency market continues to thrive, investors are turning to crypto signal providers to gain the upper hand in their trades. With Bitcoin’s price surging, many investors are predicting a bull market in 2023. As a result, crypto signal providers are...
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Bitcoin hits $25,000 This Week

Bitcoin fans have had an interesting few months. The last quarter of 2022 was not the best for the coin, as prices dropped significantly following the energy crisis and the threat of increased US regulation on crypto as a whole. 2023, however, has been a much better year for the currency so far. Bitcoin reached...
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Bitcoin in the Future

Bitcoin – What To Expect Both Short-Term and in the Future

As Bitcoin continues to grow and develop over the year, prices reached a high of over $23,000 before lowering slightly, it’s become the hot topic among crypto experts and investors alike, as to what the currency will do in the future.  Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of discourse surrounding the biggest currency of the crypto world,...
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Big Investment Firm Says Crypto Could Be Worth $1 Million

Dedicated fans of Bitcoin will know that the currency has risen in price significantly recently. Having had a lackluster closing of 2022, the currency has had a return to form in 2023 with a $23,000 value. However, despite this, there are some investment firms who believe that the asset has the potential to reach a...
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Which Cryptocurrency is Likely to Rise in 2023?

It is quite difficult to pinpoint one exact cryptocurrency that will rise in 2023 but what we can do is highlight several that are likely to show the most potential during the year. Therefore, the list that we have provided below could be worth looking into if you are considering investing in cryptocurrency.   1....
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