bitcoin price fluctuations

Bitcoin Corrects But Potential For Rally Persists

BTC Corrects After Failing to Break Resistance But Uptrend Remains Bitcoin has been experiencing a volatile price movement in recent times, with its value fluctuating significantly over the past few months. In this analysis, we will examine the recent price movement of bitcoin and attempt to predict future trends.   Price Movement and Analysis The...
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Bitcoin in the Future

Bitcoin – What To Expect Both Short-Term and in the Future

As Bitcoin continues to grow and develop over the year, prices reached a high of over $23,000 before lowering slightly, it’s become the hot topic among crypto experts and investors alike, as to what the currency will do in the future.  Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of discourse surrounding the biggest currency of the crypto world,...
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bitcoin price chart

Why Do Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate?

Ups & Downs It seems like Bitcoin prices fluctuate on a regular basis. Why is this the case? In July, the prices were really good, but now, they’ve gone down again. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case. Bitcoin is much like any other risk based asset, in the sense that...
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