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Crypto and the Housing Market

A Future Relationship Waiting to Happen? Cryptocurrency has long been debated with regard to its role in the world – many believe that it could be a valuable legal tender and have a place within every sector. The property market is just one of many which have begun to explore the nature of crypto, and...
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1000 Dormant Bitcoin Finally Moved After Years of Inactivity

For fans of Bitcoin, it’s a positive start to March as news breaks of 1000 dormant Bitcoin moving onto the market after nearly five years of inactivity from the original owner. While it remains unclear what will happen to the currency long-term, this is still a good sign that Bitcoin could shoot up in value...
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Keanu Reeves – The Crypto One

Keanu Reeves has always been a favorite among fans for his laid-back, cool demeanor, and his talent for kicking ass in action movies. But did you know that he’s also a big fan of cryptocurrencies? That’s right, our favorite “whoa” man is also a “hodler” (that’s crypto lingo for someone who holds onto their cryptocurrency...
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Bitcoin Back on Top – Reaches $23,000

Bitcoin has seen a lot of volatile activity over the last six months. The value of the currency has fluctuated massively, but it seems to be settling down and returning to a normal point. Of course, for Bitcoin, the normal is somewhere in the region of $23,000. Obviously, it’s nice to see that the currency...
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How to be Active With Bitcoin in 2023

If you want to be active with Bitcoin throughout 2023, it’s not difficult. It’s a big currency, and it usually gets a lot of attention throughout the year from traders in the outside world. However, if you’re new to crypto, then it won’t be surprising that you don’t know how to trade and be active...
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Bitcoin Shoots to Highest Value in Months

Everybody assumed that Bitcoin had entered 2023 in a strong position. After all, the currency has grown significantly since the beginning of the year. However, nobody could’ve predicted the massive price jump in a single three-day period.  In addition to seeing major growth since the start of 2023, Bitcoin has also seen unprecedented growth from...
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Crypto Faces Regulatory Guidelines For 2023 and Beyond

For a long time now, the role of government oversight in the world of crypto has been hotly contested and questioned across the community. Many people see the need for crypto and correctly point out that there are many currencies which work just fine with government regulation, but others are not sure.  It may not...
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2022 – A Big Crypto Year

2022 was certainly a big year for crypto, wasn’t it? It seems like we had all sorts of changes and exciting new developments regarding different aspects of cryptocurrency.  As we drift through the last few days of 2022, we want to talk a little bit about the year that we’ve seen. This won’t be a...
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Will Crypto Grow in 2023?

As we reach the end of 2022, and begin to look towards next year, it’s normal for people to ask whether or not crypto will grow in 2023 and beyond. Is now a good time to begin investing? Obviously, we want to make sure that as many people as possible feel confident in committing to...
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How Would a Decentralised Currency Work?

So when we talk about Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or any other currency, we talk a lot about the idea of a decentralised currency. It’s a cool idea and would be a major step forward economically, socially and otherwise, but what would it look like logistically? Of course, we can only speculate. We’re a long time...
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