bitcoin mining

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

We talk about Bitcoin quite a lot, but one thing we’ve never really explained in much detail is how Bitcoin mining actually works. You’ve probably heard about mining before, and if you’re not familiar with the process, it’s confusing to think about. How do you mine a digital asset? You need to understand that when...
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Bitcoin Mining in Georgia

CleanSpark Acquires $33 Million Mining Facility in Georgia

A recent purchase by the crypto mining firm CleanSpark has seen a facility in Sandersville, Georgia be purchased for $33 million. The facility in question, formerly owned by Masson, is part of a deal that is expected to increase the hashrate of CleanSpark by some 1.4 exahashes per second (EH/s) in the coming months, driving...
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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Increases Production, Doubles Mining Stocks

Forward Momentum The crypto market is experiencing a newfound enthusiasm in the last four weeks. The consequences of this has been that Bitcoin mining stocks have doubled over time. The stock prices of crypto mining companies have seen their stock prices increase by 120%. We can track this to rebounding crypto asset prices, sharp increases...
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bitcoins stacked on top of each other

Bitcoin Miners Make Cash Selling Electricity Back to Texas

High Demand As Heat Soars Did you know that some Bitcoin miners are selling the electricity they use back to Texas? A recent Bitcoin mining outfit said that it made $9.5 million selling electricity back to Texas at a premium rate during a heatwave. The company in question is called Riot Blockchain. They have a...
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