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Crypto Scams on the Rise

The cultural impact of cryptocurrency is something which is currently being discovered every day, and recent reports suggest that with every good thing comes a bad thing. The number of cryptocurrency related scams in the UK is on the rise, and the financial conduct authority has opened up hundreds of cases in an attempt to...
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Sam Bankman-Fried FTX crash

FTX Crash Leaves Crypto in Uncertain State 

The crypto market has always been a volatile place by nature, but there are certain events which push it across the boundary from being inherently unstable to very unstable, and recent events have created that shift once again. The recent failed acquisition of the FTX exchange has triggered a collapse of the platform entirely, with...
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Bitcoin behind statue of Jesus

Bitcoin “Black Swan” Event Likely – What to Expect

The recent Mt Gox hack was responsible for some $3bn worth of Bitcoin being taken, and it seems that next week, it will be returned to users.  Mt Gox was once a key player in Bitcoin and was responsible for some 80% of all worldwide transactions, until the exchange was hacked in 2014. 850,000 bitcoins...
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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Increases Production, Doubles Mining Stocks

Forward Momentum The crypto market is experiencing a newfound enthusiasm in the last four weeks. The consequences of this has been that Bitcoin mining stocks have doubled over time. The stock prices of crypto mining companies have seen their stock prices increase by 120%. We can track this to rebounding crypto asset prices, sharp increases...
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Bitcoin Bible Newspapers showing stories about crypto and the latest Bitcoin News

Which Crypto News to Follow in 2023

When it comes to crypto news, how do you know which crypto news to follow? With many outlets to choose from, we have created a list of the top five sites in no particular order. Bitcoinmagazine.com Bitcoin Magazine is one of the most trusted news outlets when it comes to Bitcoin. The site focuses on...
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