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Bitcoin Bible’s main aim is to help educate & inspire people about the Future of Finance through Bitcoin.
We firmly believe in Bitcoin helping to make the world a better place, and now is Our time for redemption!

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We believe in Bitcoin becoming the world’s Number 1 currency over the coming years. We believe it will help to unite the Planet and is a symbol of where we have come as a species.


We believe in Bitcoin being used as a form of payment globally. We believe it will soon become second nature for Everyone, to be paying for purchases using their Bitcoin Digital Wallet.


We believe in Bitcoin rising in price massively over the coming years. With an ever decreasing volume of Bitcoin mined, We believe it will reach $100,000 and beyond very soon.

We believe in Bitcoin connecting Our societies around the world, taking power back to the people of the Planet, and out of the hands of unscrupulous governments and financial institutions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital money that functions independently of any central authority and without the scrutiny of banks or government institutions. When Bitcoin was launched, a brand new means for individuals to transmit money via the internet was developed . Bitcoin aims to establish an alternative payment system that would run free of central control but otherwise function like existing currencies.

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Electronic Cash System
  • 668 Million Bitcoin Transactions since 2009
  • Currently Legal Tender in El Salvador
  • Last Bitcoin will be Mined In 2140
  • Almost 100,000 Bitcoin millionaires
  • Limited number of Bitcoin created

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Bitcoin is a gateway to decentralized finance on a global scale. It will allow humans to live their lives how they were meant to be… FREE!

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